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Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan is set to release on big screen on the third of June.

With simply seven days left for the arrival of Akshay Kumar’s impending film, Prithiviraj, the title of the verifiable show has now been changed to Samrat Prithviraj. The adjustment of the title of the film was incited after Shree Rajput Karni Sena recorded a PIL.

YRF has additionally written an authority letter to Shri Rajput Karni Sena President, illuminating him that Prithviraj presently stands changed to Samrat Prithviraj.

Prithviraj movie release date 2022

The movement banner for the film Prithviraj Chauhan was uncovered on September 8, 2019, by the creation organization Yash Raj Films, who additionally expressed that the film would make a big appearance around Diwali in the year 2021. Be that as it may, COVID-19 defeated their arrangements. Make all the difference of June 3, 2022, for the film’s delivery to theaters.

Samrat Prithviraj movie review

A mystery has been delivered for this legendary romantic tale of India’s valiant champion. The mystery starts with a strong voiceover portraying a conflict scene. Abhimanyu Singh’s and Prithviraj’s powers are planning to battle against the savage trespasser Muhammad Ghori’s power.

The best dialogue in the movie is “Dharm Ke Liye Jiya Hoon, Dharm Ke Liye Marunga..

Prithviraj movie Budget

Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie Samrat Prithviraj Chauhan which will be released on June 3, 2022. The entertainer Akshay Kumar, who depicts the lead part in the Prithviraj Chauhan film.

The budget of the Prithviraj Chauhan movie is ₹300 crore.

Prithviraj Movie cast

Prithviraj Movie castPrithviraj Movie cast role
Akshay KumarPrithviraj Chauhan
Manushi ChhillarSanyogita
Sanjay DuttKaka Kanha
Sonu SoodChand Vardai
Manav VijMuhammad of Ghor
Ashutosh RanaNA
Sakshi TanwarNA

Prithviraj Movie produced by

Prithviraj movie produced by Aditya Chopra and Bharat Rawail is supervising producer.

Aditya ChopraProducer
Bharat RawailSupervising Producer
Sanjay ShivalkarExecutive Producer
Amit TomarLine Producer

Prithviraj movie heroine’s name

Following is the name of the heroines who played a lead role in the Prithviraj movie.

  • Manushi Chhillar.
  • Sakshi Tanwar.
  • Nikkita Chadha.

Who is the villain in Prithviraj movie?

Sanjay Dutt and Manav Vij have been projected for the villan roles. Afterward, Sonu Sood and Sakshi Tanwar additionally joined the cast.

Who played Muhammad Ghori in Prithviraj movie?

In Prithviraj Movie Manav Vij as Muhammad Ghori.

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